10 Best Cookies In Cookie Run Kingdom [2023]


In the Cookie Run Kingdom, it is immense to get some of the Best Cookies in your roster to take your Cookie Kingdom to the next level. Having the best cookies will allow you to clear the main story levels easily. Not only that, but you will also be able to put up a real challenge in the Kingdom Arena and the Guild Battles. The game has tons of unique Cookies that belong to 9 different categories. However, some special cookies stand out among the rest regardless of their type.

Key Highlights  

  • There are more than 90 Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom.
  • Each of these Cookies belongs to any one of the 9 Types in the game.
  • Some of the Best Cookies Types in the game include; Ambush, Defense, Charge, Support, and Heal.
  • Players get to lineup a team consisting of 5 Cookies before they head out into any of the game modes.
  • Cookies that are worth having on your team are; BTS Cookies, Dark Cacao Cookies, and Choco Werehound Cookies.

Best Cookies In Cookie Run Kingdom

Cookie Run Kingdom now has multiple modes as compared to when it was launched. Players can now play PvE modes which is mainly what World Exploration is based on. During these, players must clear stages level by level while utilizing a team of 5 Cookies spread out in three positions; Front, Middle, and Rear.

Besides that, players can now also play PvP modes where they face other Cookie teams online. In the Kingdom Arena mode, players go head to head with other teams and hence need to adopt a strategy that suits the mode best. There are a lot of Cookies that perform better in World Exploration than they do in Kingdom Arena and vice versa. Therefore, determining which Cookies are the best in the game can sometimes get tricky.

However, with constant testing, you will eventually understand which Cookies are more suited for Kingdom Arena and World Exploration separately. We have listed down the 10 Best Cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom that some of the top players use. The list contains a blend of Cookies that are great in PvE or PvP mode.

Black Pearl Cookie

best ambush cookie
Black Pearl Cookie [Image Credit: eXputer]

First up, we have the Black Pearl Cookie on our list of the Best Cookies in the game. She is a Legendary Cookie and falls in the Ambush category, which means she is aggressive by nature, and dealing with damage is her priority. In team formation, the Black Pearl can be placed in the Middle section. In appearance, the Black Pearl Cookie resembles a sea creature with an uncanny resemblance to Ursula

The Black Pearl Cookie is portrayed as a dark and sinister character. She holds unimaginable powers and has the ability to pull enemies into the abyss. The Black Pearl Cookie rules the Duskgloom Sea and pulls souls down to appease herself. Players get tasked to defeat Black Pearl Cookie in the Legend of the Duskgloom Sea update

In the Cookie Run Kingdom, the Black Pearl Cookie skill is called “Duskgloom Sovereign“. During the skill, the Black Pearl Cookie inflicts a massive amount of damage to the enemy by conjuring a whirlpool. The Duskgloom Sovereign skill has a 15-second cooldown


best charge cookie
Schwarzwalder Cookie [Screenshot by eXputer]

Next up, we have the Schwarzwalder. Also known as Choco Werehound Cookie, is a brute-like Cookie that belongs to the Epic rarity. The Schwarzwalder belongs to the Charge type and can be deployed at the front of a team’s formation. The Charge-type Cookie was released during the Braver Together BTS Crossover update. He appears in the World Exploration mode a couple of times, poised as a servant to Licorice Cookie.

The Schwarzwalder resembles a cookie, and a wolf fused together. He has an aggressive look and can put enemies down just by his deadly howl. The Choco Werehound Cookie also holds a hammer in one of his arms at all times. Even though the Choco Werehound Cookie is portrayed as a servant, he has big ambitions to become the scariest cookie in the world.

The Choco Werehound Cookie can use the skill called “Choco Chip Hammer.” In this skill, the brute cookie will increase his ATK SPD and Damage Resistance. After the buffs cooldown, the Schwarzwalder will use his hammer and charge down enemies, ultimately dealing damage to them. During the Choco Chip Hammer skill, Schwarzwalder can also inflict debuffs on the enemies. During these debuffs, enemies’ Attack stat will be reduced, and their damage resistance will fall.

Eclair Cookie

best support cookie
Eclair Cookie [Screenshot by eXputer]

The Eclair Cookie is considered one of the Best Cookies for both PvP and PvE modes. He is an Epic Cookie and works as Support-type in the team. Eclair Cookie can be positioned in the middle. He is not an aggressive character. Hence, his personality and skills mainly focus on supporting her teammates in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

Eclair Cookie looks a lot like someone who has immense knowledge about the world. He owns the Guild Museum, and therefore you can expect him to look like someone dripping with sheer knowledge. The Eclair Cookie wears a monocle over one of his eyes. He always has a cunning smile that makes the enemies uneasy instantly.

The Eclair Cookie can use the “Book of Historyskill. During the skill, he will assess the weaknesses of all the opponents and inflict a weakness debuff on 3 enemies who have the highest ATK stat. If the debuffed enemy dies, then the whole team instantly gets HP shields. The Books of History has a 16-second cooldown

Dark Cacao Cookie

charge type cookies
Dark Cacao Cookie [Screenshot by eXputer]

The Dark Cacao Cookie is the first Ancient rarity cookie on our list. He is the third Ancient Hero in Cookie Run Kingdom. Similar to Schwarzwalder, the Dark Cacao Cookie is a Charge-type character and can be positioned at the front section of the team’s formation. The Dark Cacao Cookie was released during the Heroes of Dark Cacao update

The Dark Cacao Cookie is the ruler of the Dark Cacao Kingdom and also the father to the Dark Choco Cookie. Dark Cacao Cookie had a tough upbringing where he was tested to his limits by being put in extreme conditions to survive. Once he came out of all that, he had immense strength that made people tremble. The Dark Cacao Cookie wields the Grapejam Chocoblade in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

Dark Cacao Cookie uses the Solem Judgement skill in the Cookie Run Kingdom. The skill has a 16-seconds cooldown. The ruler uses his Grapejam Chocoblade to inflict damage on the opponents. By using the blade, he can summon thunder and lightning on the field. Not only that, but the skill also decreases the Defense and Attack of the enemy. It also causes Zap and Injury effects.

Dark Cacao Cookie will have increased resistance against multiple effects during the Solemn Judgment skill. Dark Cacao Cookie is also deemed as an S-tier Cookie in many Tier Lists.

Wildberry Cookie

Best defense cookie
Wildberry Cookie [Image Credit: eXputer]

The Wildberry Cookie is the first Defense-type Cookie on our list. He is considered one of the Best defensive Cookies in the whole game, regardless of the game mode you’re playing. Wildberry Cookie is an Epic rarity character and can be deployed at the front of your team’s formation. This is where most of the Defensive Cookies are placed.

Wildberry Cookie was introduced in the Cookie Run Kingdom during the Council of Heroes update. He serves as an associate and bodyguard of Hollyberry Cookie. Hence, you can consider him a loyal and wise fighter in the game. The Wildberry Cookie wears a gauntlet which is decorated with the prettiest jewel you have seen. Despite being a Cookie, you can tell from his appearance that he’s a warrior because of his muscular build!

Using his Gauntlet, the Wildberry Cookie can unleash his wrath, during which he gets increased damage and also a special boost called Wild Buff. When his wrath, or Battle Rage, nears its end, he will pull out one last deadly uppercut, also known as “Wild Punch.” The damage of the final uppercut will be determined by the Wild Buff. The more hits Wildberry Cookie receives during the Wild Buff, the stronger his final uppercut will be. Also, due to its size, the Wildberry Cookie is not bothered by the Flying or Knockback effect.

Cotton Cookie

best support-type cookies
Cotton Cookie [Image Credit: eXputer]

The Cotton Cookie is an Epic rarity character. She is a Support-type Cookie, just like Eclair Cookie. You can position the Cotton Cookie on the Rear since these ally-assisting characters are not that strong defensively or aggressively. Cotton Cookie was released back when Cookie Run Kingdom launched their Frost Witch and the Lantern in the Snow update.

The Cotton Cookie has a subtle design and looks like one of the cutest and nicest Cookies out there. She also resembles a sheep and has a lot of white fluffs included in her outfit. During the Lantern in the Snow story, Cotton Cookie is shown as the main character who tried saving her long-lost friend, the Sherbat Cookie. Even though she does not have an aggressive side, she is still considered one of the Best Cookies in the game.

A Warm Light” is Cotton Cookie’s skill in Cookie Run Kingdom. When she uses her skill, she will illuminate the lantern she holds in her hand. The lantern will constantly heal the HPs of all your teammates. Not only that, but the skill will also increase the damage of summoned creatures on the battlefield. Lastly, Cotton Cookie will also call upon her Sheep, who will deal stun and damage to the enemies. The cooldown for A Warm Light skill is 17 seconds.

Crunchy Chip Cookie

best charge-type cookies
Crunchy Chip Cookie [Screenshot by eXputer]

We have included yet another Cookie which was released during the Council of Heroes update in the Cookie Run Kingdom. The Crunchy Chip Cookie may look mean and unforgiving, but once you have him on your team, you’ll have a hard time excluding him from any of your future battles. He is an Epic rarity Cookie and has Charged as his base type. Players can position the Cruncy Chip Cookie at the Front.

Crunchy Chip Cookie is the leader of the Dark Cacao Kingdom’s Cream Wolves, which means he serves the Dark Cacao Cookie. The latter designation was further confirmed during Cookie Odyssey events, where the Crunchy Chip Cookie was shown as an associate and bodyguard of the Dark Cacao Cookie. Crunchy Ship Cookie is someone you should not mess with, and he only needs to let out one howl to summon his Cream Wolves pack! However, once you have him on your team, you will become unstoppable.

The Crunchy Chip Cookie uses a special skill called “Wolf Squadron“. His attack moves are highly damaging and can leave the deadliest of claw marks on the enemies. When you use the Crunchy Chip Cookies skill, he will instantly rush toward the foes and call upon his Cream Wolves to enter the arena. The great thing is, that if the Crunchy Chip Cookie dies during the battle, his Cream Wolves will continue to battle for his honor with increased damage! Players can reuse the Wolf Squadron skill after a 15-second cooldown.

Espresso Cookie

best magic cookie
Espresso Cookie [Image Credit: eXputer]

The Espresso Cookie is the first character on our list that has been in the game since its launch. He is an Epic-rarity Cookie and is also the first Magic-type we have added to our list of Best Cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom. Players can place the Espresso Cookie in the middle section of their team formation. In the game, the Espresso Cookie is regarded as the founder and inventor of Coffee Magic

Since the Espresso Cookie has been a part of the game since the beginning, he has appeared in numerous different stories. The Espresso Cookie appears in the ‘Parfaedia Institute Event,’ ‘Cookie Story,’ and ‘Couldn’t Care Less… And Yet‘. The Espresso Cookie has the highest knowledge when it comes to Coffee Magic. Hence players can safely trust in their ability while playing PvP or PvE modes.

The serious yet intellectual Cookie has the ability to use the Grinding Skill in the game. During this skill, Espresso Cookie will magically create a whirlwind inside the arena, which will continue to damage the enemies in the AoE for a good few seconds. Espresso Cookie will also be partially immune to any interrupting attacks, skills, or effects while using the Grinding Skill. Players can reuse the ability after a 15-seconds cooldown.

We are not done yet! Players can also make use of the Magic Candy Skill called “Perfection Extraction“. There are no changes to the attack during this skill; the same whirlwind will appear, which will baffle the enemies in a certain AoE. However, the damage is increased greatly during the Perfect Extraction skill as compared to the Grinding skill.

Captain Cavier Cookie

best bomber cookie
Captain Cavier Cookie [Screenshot by eXputer]

The Captain Caviar Cookie is an Epic-rarity cookie in the game. He was released alongside Black Pearl Cookie, which we covered earlier in our list of Best Cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom. Captain Cavier Cookie is also the first Bomber-type character in this list. He can be placed in the Middle of the team formation. Captain Cavier Cookie is considered one of the Best Cookies for PvP modes.

Captain Cavier Cookie is a well-known character with a lot of titles under his belt. He rules the House Cavier and also serves as the Captain of the Salty Shark ship. Despite being a criminal in the eyes of the law, Captain Cavier has a heart of gold, and his trustworthiness is second to none. Last but not least, Captain Cavier is also an Elder at the Creme Republic Convocation of Elders.

Players can use the “Black Shark Torpedo” skill (15-second cooldown) while having Captain Cavier Cookie on their team. During the skill, his Black Shark submarine will enter the arena and deploy 3 Torpedos toward the opponents. Other than that, the submarine will also give Debuff Resistance to all the teammates of Captain Cavier Cookie. The Torpedos cause damage in a certain AoE, and they usually target enemies who have the lowest HP. Last but not least, Captain Cavier Cookie does not get affected by the Fear effect.

BTS Cookies

Jung Kook jimin cookies
BTS Cookies [Screenshot by eXputer]

To finish off our list of Best Cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom, we have none other than the BTS Cookies. Yes! The BTS Cookies are considered one of the most elite cookies in the game for both PvE and PvP modes. These Cookies are based on a real-life K-pop band with the same name. BTS Cookies includes 7 Cookies based on each member of the K-pop band. Although, all the Cookies have the same skill and stats regardless of whether it’s Jung Kook, Jimin, or any other member. 

Here are all 7 Cookies in the BTS Cookie collection:

  • Jung Kook Cookie
  • RM Cookie
  • V Cookie
  • Jin Cookie
  • Jimin Cookie
  • J-hope Cookie
  • Suga Cookie

These Special Cookies can only be obtained through the “Braver Together!” Gacha. You can place the BTS Cookies at the Rear of your team. Having a single BTS Cookie in your playing five will do wonders for you because they are amazing for both PvP and PvE modes in the Cookie Run Kingdom. 

Each BTS Cookie uses the same skill, which is called “ARMY’s Wishes.” The skill puts a defensive effect on the BTS Cookies, where they don’t take any damage from the enemies. It also heals all the other Cookies in your team. Not only that, but every Cookie also becomes immune to the Stun effect, and their Debuff Resistance also increases

Types Of Cookies

There are multiple Cookie Types in the game. These types determine the style a Cookie utilizes during battles. The game features 9 Cookie types. Each of these Cookie types can be leveled up by certain kinds of Skill Powder. With that said, here are all the 9 Cookie types in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

  • Ambush
  • Defense
  • Charge
  • Ranged
  • Bomber
  • Magic
  • Support
  • Healing
  • BTS


So there you have it, our complete list of the 10 Best Cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom. As we mentioned earlier, you can only create a team of 5 Cookies regardless of the game mode you’re playing. Hence, it is not possible to include all of these Cookies in your team. However, you can try building teams around them depending on what mode you’re playing (PvP or PvE).

Despite being a mobile game, Cookie Run Kingdom has a compelling storyline that keeps on expanding thanks to its amazing updates. In the game, you are tasked to create your own Cookie Kingdom and make it grow. Apart from that, players also get the chance to explore different areas and meet new Cookies. While on these adventures, you will face tons of different enemies that you will need to bring down with your allies. While you’re playing Cookie Run Kingdom, make sure to redeem codes to get all kinds of rewards.

Thank you for reading through our guide. For more informative articles, make sure to stick around at eXputer!

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