1 year of Costco Gold Star Membership plus a $30 Shop Card for just $60


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Sign up and discover incredible savings on thousands of brand name products for your home and family!

Today’s featured deal comes from us. Gift cards Section of Niuven Deals Storefor where A limited time onlyYou can. Save 33% on Costco 1 Year Gold Star Membership + $30 Shop Card.

Buy a 1-year Costco Gold Star membership and receive a $30 digital Costco Shop Card*.

Costco is your one-stop shop for everything. With thousands of brand name products, they offer a wide range of merchandise that will likely meet all your shopping needs! With hundreds of locations across the country, Costco is a great place to shop without the hassle of running multiple errands around town.

Gold Star membership includes a free domestic card. Your Gold Star membership is valid for one year at any Costco location worldwide and at Costco.com*.

Costco brings you quality goods at incredible prices with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Limitations apply. Visit Costco.com for details.**

  • *Costco 1 Year Gold Star Membership ($60 Value) + $30 Digital Costco Shop Card
  • Valid only for new members or members whose membership has expired for more than 18 months (prior to April 2021).
  • Primary members receive a free household card for everyone over the age of 18 living at the same address.
  • **100% Satisfaction Guarantee on Costco Merchandise: They guarantee your satisfaction on the products they sell with a full refund. Specific product limitations apply. Visit the Costco membership counter for more details.
  • Membership card issued at any Costco membership counter

Details for Gold Star membership

  • Additional Cardholders: No
  • Annual fee (plus sales tax where applicable): $60
  • Costco Services: Yes
  • Membership under risk-free 100% satisfaction guarantee: Yes
  • Annual 2% Membership Reward: No.
  • A free domestic card: Yes
  • Resale Use: No
  • Shop at Costco business centers: Yes
  • Shop at Costco warehouses worldwide: Yes
  • Costco Travel Store: Yes
  • Costco.com Shop: Yes
  • Use at Costco gas stations: Yes
  • Use at Costco Hearing Aid Centers: Yes
  • Use at Costco Optical: Yes
  • Use at Costco Pharmacy: Yes

Here’s the deal:

Oh Costco 1 Year Gold Star Membership + $30 Shop Card Normally priced at $90, but now available. Yours for just $60, for a limited time, that’s a savings of $30 (33%)! For specifications, terms, and complete details, please click on the link below.

Costco 1 Year Gold Star Membership + $30 Shop Card At 33% off For $60

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